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About Us

Exiles of Nargothrond was founded in 2008 by Lirian, Gilnargie, Nenuil and Haydnes. Initially for casual play, it has grown into a kinship that supports both the casual player and raider with a relaxed and mature atmosphere.

The kinship vision is to be a "home away from home". We thrive to have fun and build a "close knit" diverse community. In EoN we have players of all ages and nationalities, as well as a wide variety of gameplay experience. In here you will find from the lone wolf to the hyperactive teamplayer. As much as EoN is a place to have fun and make friends, we also pursue the goal of diminishing the strength of evil on Middle Earth. For this reason, a bunch of us turn up now and again for end-game raids. If you wish to join EoN and also join the raiding ranks, the raid leaders will be poking you on the ribs now and again about traits, gear, legendary items, consumables, etc. However, we are not and do not try to be an elite kinship. Our main goal is to enjoy our time in game, be it a raid, questing, crafting or just hanging around.

We do not make officers very often, as we understand each kinnie has an equal weight on their opinions and suggestions for the kin, regardless of rank. Think about the officers as a few senior members who spend a lot of time trying to get involved on kinship politics when they haven't fallen asleep on the sofa.... and as a reward they get the chance to demote kinnies just for fun.

Below you will find a collection of information that you probably should read when you join the kin (and sometimes just to revive rusty neurons too!).

Basic "Do's" and "Dont's"

• Feel free to take whatever you need from the kinship house for your own personal use, apart from outfit items (obviously because you can slot them and put them back in the chest). Please don’t take to sell. If you need money then please check out this thread for ideas on how to make gold. Try to keep the chests tidy, each one has similar items.

• If you need an item crafted for you then don’t hesitate to ask in kinship chat, make a post in the crafting forums or speak to a crafter directly.

• We expect that you will check out the forums and website regularly. We are a community and we hope that you will be part of this community, both in game and on the website.

• We organise regular kinship events, and sometimes discuss them on the forums before scheduling on the calendar. If you wish for an event to take place contact an officer and the event will be organised if possible. Not all evenings will have events. This is to give people time to prepare for events, and allow time for chilling out.

• Please add your main and alt characters to the kinship roster.

• Please do not use profanity (swearing) on this website or on the kinship chat. This is a kinship for all ages. If you wish to post something of a more adult nature then use the Trolls Cave section.

Raids & Events

~Raid Ready~

• Getting to cap level does not mean that you are ready for joining end-game raids. There is much more that you can to do to improve your character's performance;

• This includes increasing certain virtues to level 10+, improving your jewelry and/or collecting armor sets, leveling up and adding damage types to legendary items, improving legacy tiers and collecting good relics.

• You also need experience playing your class in challenging group content. Most of the time player skill and experience is more important than your kit. So take all chance you can to learn about the mechanics of your class, and ask advice from more experienced players.

• For a guide to getting raid-ready please read this link about becoming raid-ready. There is also a section of the forums with discussions on how best to equip and play your class.

~How to sign up for events~

• To join an event click on the event on the calendar and then click on signup. "Maybe" means "I don't know yet if I can make it". Sign up as maybe if that's the case - but changed it to "yes" if you find out that you can join.

• We may ask you to bring an alt to allow the raid to be successful. Raid leaders will try to allow players to get the opportunity to bring different alts to raids, but please be aware that this is not always possible.

• It is good if you can be around at least 15 minutes before the event. Please avoid starting an instance too near to the start time of the event. If you are delayed by real life and can't be on time, there is no problem but maybe you will have been replaced when you arrive. You can join the queue for replacements if you let the raid leader know that you still wish to join.

~What to bring~

• For any event you should come fully prepared with morale and power pots, a stack of the other potions (wound, poison, disease, fear) for the correct level for the event (e.g. for level 75 instances, you will level 85 pots). It also helps to bring salves so that you can cure those on other players if needed. You will need cooked food, fortifying food (soups) as well as trail food and other items that are suitable for your class.

• Hope tokens, battle and warding scroll are essential for almost all events and it makes for a smoother event if you come supplied with plenty.

• You should make sure that you prepare your character in advance of the event and ensure they have all they need. Crafting items at the last minute could delay the start of the event.

• Joining an instance whilst your character is near a bard/vaults/shops/AH is a great idea. It means that players can pop out for re-trait or repair quickly, reducing the time spent waiting around.

• If you need an item for an event and cannot craft yourself then remember there are many crafters in the kin who would be happy to make the items you need. Buying last minute in the AH may cost you a fortune - or you may find that they sold out!

~DKP (not currently used)~

• A DKP system is sometimes used to replace the standard roll/pass system for distributing loot from raids. We found that many players missed out on loot even though they raided regularly and just had no luck with the rolls. So we introduced a points-based system where players are awarded points for successful boss kills that can be spent on subsequent raids. Players will be awarded 1DKP per successful boss.

• DKP will not be awarded until after the raid, so you can't spend the point you just earned on the loot box.

• Players are awarded DKP during kin/alliance raids (a kin raid is determined by 8/12 raiders being from the kin). Should non-kin/alliance members be interested in items they can roll off against the kin.

• When an item has been won for the kin/alliance by rolling (only required if non-kin/alliance members are present) then players are free to bid using the DKP they have accumulated from previous raids. Players are free to increase their bid by 1 or more. When a kin member feels they no longer wish to bid they should indicate by typing “p” into the raid chat. The raid-leader will then assign the item to the winning bidder.

• Regular friends of the kin who join for many raids can join the website as an "Elf Friend" rank and be awarded DKP if they are regularly joining for raids (otherwise it is best for them to try rolling instead).

• We have a happy and successful alliance with many friends across Middle Earth called Eruhini. More details about this can be found in our forums.

Basics of Conduct

A nice conduct of mutual respect is essential in any community. These are a few essential bits:

• A polite "hello" upon joining a group, and "thanks, goodbye" upon leaving (even if the group wiped) makes the difference between a bad pug and a nice kin run. It will make the raid leader want to come back to lead again next time and other players to feel like it was worth joining up despite the results.

• There is much hard work involved in leading a kinship and a raid. Please be respectful and appreciative of who is leading, even if they are not perfect. However if you disagree with how things are done and have a good suggestion on how to improve, please come forward and have a polite chat with the kin/raid leader. Ideas are always welcome as long as they are friendly!

• Anybody can make mistakes or have a bad day, so sometimes we just have to be understanding. However, if someone recurrently causes disruption, then please have a chat in private with them. Having a skirmish in the kinship chat channel should be avoided. If the problem doesn't get solved, please have a chat with the kinship leader or one of our officers. They are experienced players who have been in game for years and may be able to help.

• The kinship can help provide events, raiding, crafting, etc, but remember that you can help providing them as well. A kinship is only as good as its members!

• Please help when asked if you can, say "sorry can't help" if you can't. Say "hi" in the kinship chat when you come online, and "goodbye" when you leave. This is not always possible and people do forget, but try not to be a total stranger.

Things like this make for a successful kinship and game experience!

~ Have fun! ~