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Gilnargie / Feb 16, 2012
Since our last updated we have continued to tackle Draigoch and the Rings of Isengard on a weekly basis. Draigoch has fallen multiple times, and we have completed Acid wing in Isengard for the first time since updated.

Hav and Jos have been leading in Isengard for the first time and have been very successful, completing the first four wings including the shadow wing for the first time. A big thank-you to our raid leaders, and congratulations to all who have received the leggings. We also had a good bash at Saruman with some success and I know with a little more practice we will destroy his rings!

We are still trying out the new website and would appreciate your feedback. Sooner or later we will need to make a permanent decision about staying here and unlocking all of the features, or returning to our old site.

On a final note we are still needing a few more active raiders so if you know someone who might be interested in joining Exiles then invite them for an instance or direct them to the website.


Gilnargie / Dec 05, 2011
Welcome to the new site. I hope you are all enjoying it here!

We have now completed the Draigoch raid on Tier 2 Hard Mode 3 times, and would have done this four times if not for a bug. Congrats to all for lots of nice loot, especially Hamus, Feadu and friend Kalmo for their lovely golden cloaks!

Rings of Orthanc raid is progressing well, with Ice and Fire wing comfortably completed since the recent update. Poison wing is now very, very challenging and requires more effort. We are returning to Lightning wing on Sunday 29th January and hope to complete this again, and learn more about the steam buff (since the update it should be more visible).

In other news Josrondir will be leading a fellowship to complete the Foundry T2 HM for the first time since update. Good luck to all who join him.

Gilnargie :)