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Wouldn't mind having more options kin wise

Probably about as much chance as joining your kin as hell freezing over considering how widely hated I am on Gilrain but there's no harm in asking. :)If you are going to say no, which no doubt you are,, please be gentle with me. :Dis it alright if...
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Heeeeeeeeeey all!

Hi guys! My real life name is Dillon, i'm 16 years of age, and i hail from England :D I'm currently in the Iluvatarian Knights and my main characters are Staraen (level 85 Hunter), Llance (level 85 Burglar), and Lasathurin (level 78 Rune-keeper). ...
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New in town :)

Hello all!I'm Amara a 27 year old Dutch girl, and i'm a Iluvatarian Knight!Some chars of mine are;Amaradora Gaurdian 85 (aka the Pink Wookie)Healianna Mini 85Amarawyn Burglar 85Attaraen Champ 78Quite often I'm online, questing, raiding , helping o...
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can I join gil? *:|*:|*:|*:|
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