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It's the end of the world!!!

Hello everyone! I had to stop playing LOTRO for a while owing to family commitments, but I thought, hey, I can just log back on later and start up where I left off. I never thought that the world would end while I was offline! So sad that Gilra...
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Talialgis31075Small Nenuil Malgaradh 4y

Wouldn't mind having more options kin wise

Probably about as much chance as joining your kin as hell freezing over considering how widely hated I am on Gilrain but there's no harm in asking. :)If you are going to say no, which no doubt you are,, please be gentle with me. :Dis it alright if...
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Haldhad31624Small Lirian 5y

Re: wanted to sign up to the T2 runs but there's nothing I can see that will let me?

Hi is there some icon you can click to add your name to a rostered event? FoS sign up sheet doesn't seem to have anything, is this usual?
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Haldhad31760Small Lirian 6y

Heeeeeeeeeey all!

Hi guys! My real life name is Dillon, i'm 16 years of age, and i hail from England :D I'm currently in the Iluvatarian Knights and my main characters are Staraen (level 85 Hunter), Llance (level 85 Burglar), and Lasathurin (level 78 Rune-keeper). ...
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Lance 31862Small Lirian 6y

New in town :)

Hello all!I'm Amara a 27 year old Dutch girl, and i'm a Iluvatarian Knight!Some chars of mine are;Amaradora Gaurdian 85 (aka the Pink Wookie)Healianna Mini 85Amarawyn Burglar 85Attaraen Champ 78Quite often I'm online, questing, raiding , helping o...
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Amara103603Small Gilnargie 6y

Hello to all Exiles!

Just a quick note to say thanks to the Exiles for allowing me to join you in Orthanc last night.It was great fun and something which my current kin is not really capable of or interested in doing...I would be very happy to raid with you again if y...
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Durwine51687Member avatar small Avasa 7y

Dear Exiles of Nargothrond

For some reason I can't log in on this website anymore, so I just post this here, in this thread.I'm not sure if you guys even remember me (and some of you have probably never heard of me), but I asume you have noticed that I have been inactive fo...
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magnusthenorwegian61531Member avatar small magnusthenorwegian 7y


can I join gil? *:|*:|*:|*:|
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Tir3835Small Lirian 7y
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